Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Too Perfect for My......oh stop.

Boy, does that sound a
Let's just move past my 'title-itus'.....a desire to appear clever and witty that oft falls flat on it's face.
Yes, ok, well, we have had a strange thing happen while laying out my latest painting. I have an intricate cloth design along the lower part of the painting, in which I needed to have somewhat 'wonky' (for lack of a better descriptive term) circles. And I couldn't get them 'wonky' enough until I drew them with my left hand.
What an odd problem to encounter. It makes me think about the old story of Da Vinci who, when applying for a big commission from the church elders way back, was asked why they should give the job to him; what made him more special than any of the other artists applying for the same job. His response was to draw a perfect circle freehand. He got the job.
Ok, I'm not putting myself in that esteemed category and I'm not certain that I actually draw perfect circles freehand. (but they did look 'too regular' for what I wanted.)
So where am I going with this.....I guess it's the idea that we sometimes need imperfection to be, well, perfect. Isn't it the quirks of each other that we find interesting and may I even say, the thing that touches our hearts?
Of course, there's a fine line between quirky and downright freak show.......and I'm pretty certain I teeter on that shaky edge at times. I did hear tell that folks were questioning my hair choice that we covered pretty fully here.
That definitely fit the 'freak show' category.
Ye-e-ah. Good to know I'm entertaining the townsfolk.
The painting: 'Circles on Circles' by Carol Marine. And if you notice, her 'circles' aren't perfect you think the painting is better because of this or not? I'm interested to hear what you think.

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