Monday, November 7, 2011

The Queen of All She Surveys....

Well......well, well, well.
A few things going on in the 'always something' world of my life over the last week......I'm just trying to decide what I'll start blithering on about first.......and may I interject that it never ceases to astound me how things can go from couch-potato-slothingness to not-enough-time-to-put-on-socks around here. And, of course, seeing as I procrastinated about finishing the painting during those 'couch moments' I find myself itching to get back to it and no time to do so.
Yes, and have I learned anything yet....
So! Here's the run down of the Artist's List Of Things To Do/Been Doing/And Done:
Dealing with the poster for the GALA - this is my little 'thing' if you will, for our annual Christmas Gala that happens out here and it's a pretty awesome event where we gather together all sorts of cool items to auction off as a communities fund raiser for local well deserving charities...this year our Seniors and our local hospital's Extended Care Wing. We also have a great band and fabulous food and assorted fun things happening all in one night in an extravagant venue and everyone gets dressed up. Which, out here where the Gumboot reigns supreme, is a minor miracle to make happen. My part is to create the poster image and design and get it printed and all that, which can be a chore as I have a timeline and am always waiting to hear about last minute things that HAVE to be added to the poster. That often means a redesign of the poster so everything will fit. And being as we live in a small town, it details some amount of running around to get it printed because this place has a scanner big enough but only this other place a printer big enough to print and then the digital file needs to be sent to the other other to get tickets printed.
And I also have to gather together artists to graciously consent to donating work to the auction. That all needs picking up. Then there is the actual set up etc.....OH! And I have to hand make 2 trophies for Best Dressed. (we have to offer trophies to get people to submit themselves to looking nice) (sigh)
Christmas Craft Fair- I've been doing this event for a while - I may have mentioned that - for which I organize the names and tables and requirements of some 30 odd folks and making up a floor plan to fit everyone in and then putting out advertising and signage and setting up and taking down. Oh, and making my own things to sell.
Working the Town's Election -  Meanwhile I need cash - artist, artist, artist, need we say more - so I'm doing our local election which means a training day, the advanced poll (8 to 8) and the actual day of (8 to 8) but generally add @ 2.5 hrs to that time for set up and count and take down.
Meanwhile the van has to go in for the every-so-many-miles checkup (that's a day of waiting around except not so bad in small town where I can walk around to do stuff) (but not paint) (sigh); we need to go in for our own so-many-miles maintenance and, and here's the kicker, the actual point of this post and fairly major, I have stepped up to be President of The Pacific Rim Arts Society.

....and I'm working on the new site....

The Painting: PANDORA CROWNED BY THE SEASONS 1824 by William Etty. Why the date of 1824...who knows, but the Artist did deem it important. I like this as it captures that winning of a 'crown' (or title) with the folks happy for you and those others that are already disillusioned (those two out front look miffed to my eye) and the one who you know is going to question all you do. (guy with back turned) I guess I should be proud and humbled as I could've ended up like this poor gal:
Be thankful for small mercies.....

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