Wednesday, November 23, 2011 it is!

Almost forgot about this painting, huh? Well, in between those meetings and organizatings and ponderings.....we were still painting. One good thing about being single is that my time is my own and I can leave things about with gay abandon and paint until 2 am if I wish. Jams is very understanding.
Now....where were we on this painting journey.....oh yes some twelve posts ago, we were changing the legs and there were jugs and flowers etc in the background. Obviously those all went the way of those 'old' legs and we went the gold foil bird design - the pears are still in situ.....I like those pears.
Anyhowitcanchangeintheblinkofaneyeway, you can somewhat percieve the many alterations a painting goes through. It's a continuous process of refining until you see the vision your mind is holding made concrete on the canvas.
What an enjoyable journey it is.
Title: "PANDORA"
Acrylic with gold leaf 26" X 48".

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