Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a Gift to Be Simple

This last couple of months with it's seemingly endless amounts of meetings and organizing etc for the two large events I'm either in charge of or helping with as well as the new duties of being president of the Arts Society are making me feel a bit of 'mother-of-all-things-overwhelming' and decidedly cranky at times.
Today when I woke up and immediately sat down in front of the computer to deal with emails and updating of lists and duties I happened to glance over at Jams all curled up in her box with the old quilt right by the heater and was struck at the simplicity of happiness.
For her it's a warm place to nap and the knowledge she has food in her dish and me to give pets......ah, how 'nirvanic' that seems.
Anyhoweasyitsoundsway, this just has me pondering on what we do and what we need for happiness. No great insights here my would be lovely for any of us to effortlessly make our lives simple, full of grace and happiness but it appears we are caught in our own webs of endless desire that leads to these complicated journeys.
Maybe, just for this small moment, I will sit by the heater with Jams in my lap, surrounded by my artistic life and feel how blessed I am.
That sounds pretty simple.......doesn't it?

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