Monday, November 28, 2011

One Quick Coffee.....

Ah....yes, that's just about all the time we have right now.......the Craft Fair was amazingly great considering the weather was horrific. The biggest winter storm to date with torrential rain and wind. I believe parts of the road out here were washed out, no less. It seems that absolute abysmal weather and the Craft Fair go hand-in-hand, traditionally it's been awful on this day. Mind you, it brings in the folks - what else can you do on such a lousy day?
 I spent 4 hours setting up 42 tables and about 100 chairs and getting all the fiddly bits attended to. That was Friday. Saturday, the actual day of the fair, (noon to 4) I awoke at 4 am with spinning brain about all the useless minutia of event organizing , got up, made more things (and coffee) and took off at 9 am to get last minute items and set up signage - which, because of the poopy weather all blew down after - ah, wild west coast - and to open the doors for all the exhibitors to set up. Which I had to do as well, as I also have my own display. Lots of people are cranky at this time of the day it seems. (and I wonder why....not really and I don't take it personally anymore) We had to reverse all this by day's end, d'accord, but at least there were more bodies around to help and it was done and dusted by 5:30.
I collapsed at 7 and slept until  8 the next day.
Then we needed to unload the car and could sort of relax but , I must say, I was doing things for the next round which happens today with setting up a small Art display of our donated paintings and prints from the generous souls in the creative world as an enticement for the Christmas Gala on Sat coming up.
Mother of all running around like a headless chicken, just writing that down makes me dizzy....and I'm doing it.
Soooooo, today we are thinking about what 'giving back' means......and admittedly there is a bit of 'pat on the back' there (you know it's so) but there is also the realization that by doing these kinds of things and by making opportunities happen, you are helping foster some more good in the world...and we all know it sorely needs that.
With a coffee break or two.
The painting: "A Quiet Moment" by Georges Croegaert. I just love they way these ladies are sitting there, just putzing for a bit but look! There's a sword hanging over their heads.
SO know that feeling!

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