Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not This (wo)Man's Best Friend

I have something to confess. Something so awful, so heinous, you will gasp with incredulity.

I am afraid of dogs.

Ok, that's a wee bit exaggerated...maybe....but I have to think that this particular phobia is viewed by many people - and most certainly by dog lovers everywhere - as being akin to having a very disfiguring disease. It seems incomprehensible to this sector of the human race (doggie aficionados) how anyone in their right mind could be so, well, idiotic.
And, yes, I concur.
However in my own defense may I say that after being bitten (twice!) (in the face!) by the 'family-wouldn't-hurt-a-fly' pet waggie-tail, I am really really really super cautious around them.
I am also amazed at the reaction that my confession to people-who-are-gaga-about-dogs creates.
First of all they ALL claim it must have been something I did. (I was 8 years old and petting the 'nice doggie')
THEN they ALL say it would never happen with their dog. (well, yes it can)
AND then they make me physically interact with their lovely pet. (and by then I'm so intensely freaked/angry/scared, that the animal is convinced I am the enemy....and growls thereby insuring my terrified response)
And by all that is furry and bright do I EVER wish I wasn't like this.
I have many cherished friends who are dog pals. One who, whenever she sees any four legged soul, will run to it and gush with torrents of love. And where I live it seems there are more dogs per square inch than grains of sand. And they are not just dogs but BIG BLOODY HUGE dogs.(ok yes again with the exaggeration) The saddest thing of all is that I actively search out ways to ensure my interaction with friends and acquaintances with dogs stays to a minimum or happens without a dog around.
You want to know the craziest part of all this?
I actually have had my own dogs.
It defies description.
Anywhatastrangephobiaway, all this came about because the lovely friend who has done my hair forever has just gotten a Japanese Tosa. For those of you who don't know this breed, it is a 'Mastiff' that has been specifically bred to be a fighting dog. (sport in Japan...and many other parts of our world may I add) A dog who is written up as being fiercely loyal to his own family. (my italics) And after voicing my query about if it was considered as a good and gentle dog with others, I have created a very touchy situation with her avidly avowing that this dog is right beside Buddha in temperament.
Perhaps so and I'd love to believe that but I am looking for a new hair salon.

The painting....and I LOVE it altho' it actively makes my heart speed by JOEL REA who paints a lot of these 'big dog' paintings. This is EXACTLY how it feels to me. EXACTLY.


  1. Hi Marla, I came across your work while looking at Ken Kirkby's work online. I am a friend/good acquaintance (?) of Ken's (it started by him buying two of my pastel nudes from Timm's Gallery in Courtenay a few years ago) and we reconnected a week ago at his Impression's Gallery reception. He gave me his book and I LOVE it and wanted to see if I could write him online...I do have his telephone number but thought online would be cheaper...I live in Sayward. He isn't into technology, though. Anyway, wow, have I digressed or what... I saw your work in the same gallery as Ken and I LOVE your stuff! And don't feel bad about being afraid of dogs. My husband, when I first met him, had three, then we married and got another one; we're down to three again. I am not afraid of dogs fortunately, in fact, as a CAT person I have come to adore the dogs - although they are much more work than cats! I have other friends who are not so crazy about dogs so I get it. Would love to connect with you some time and I promise not to bring a dog along:-)

  2. PS Can't get through to your website - it won't come up.

  3. Ack! I'm a dog lover and owner and hate it when people think everyone must love their dog. I do love mine, obviously. Lots of others do, but I do have people who are terrified of dogs and yet come to my house. They know my dog will go on a lead when they are here and I will not force them to interact. How I wish others would be as considerate. Forcing someone to face a fear is not the way to help. I can imagine how much I'd freak if someone forced me to interact with a room full of wasps! *shudder*
    As to the Tosa, I'd be finding a new hair dresser too if it was going to be in the room. I couldn't relax with him present. Buddha or not ;)