Sunday, November 28, 2010


This morning's troll through my followed blogs gave me this little quote jewel:

"I am among the few who continue to draw after childhood is ended, continuing and perfecting childhood drawing-without the traditional interruption of academic training. - Saul Steinberg" (from Lines and Colors)
Saul Steinberg (June 15, 1914 – May 12, 1999) was a Romanian-born American cartoonist and illustrator, best known for his work for The New Yorker.

Ah.....vindication feels sweet! As anyone ( ...anyone...anyone? ) who follows "OFF CANVAS" , you know what my feelings are on the subject of 'schooling and being an artist'. (See post: The 3 R's; Sunday Oct 3rd)
Anygopatyourselfonthebacksmuggoofway, I'm feeling all smiley about this. So I'll just go gloat for a brief moment....until reality smacks me upside the chops once again.....sigh.
Pic is one of Saul Steinburg's. And since it's the beginning of Ho Ho ho-ly excess; thought I'd give you his Santa.

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