Thursday, November 11, 2010

For Your Entertainment

Since I've been wrapped up in the creating of my newest painting over these last few days and remiss on posting here, I thought I'd pop in to quickly list a few of the 'odd' photography sites I've discovered while browsing the Internet. These are sites I happen to fall into from clicking on links listed in web sites and getting further and further down the rabbit hole, so to speak. They are eclectic as my mind gets entranced by the oddest things. Ready? Here we go:
1. The Museum of Messages - an odd little site with photographs of 'messages' written or posted on walls, subway or lampposts all over. Very entertaining how we humans mark our territory.
2. A cool e-zine dedicated to odd and bizarre documentary photographers.
3. This is just a cool site. It's creator is a young photographer who walks around NYC (and Milan and Paris too) snapping pics of snappily dressed senior citizens. I LOVE what old folks wear in NYC! I'm hugely inspired to dress like these sartorial elders.
4. I really like this woman's style. She has such a lovely twisted eye for'll get a kick out of what subjects she chooses.
OK...that's all for now folks! OH! and please feel free to post me some of your own 'strange delights' porn though.....seen enough every time I try to Google 'drawing feet'.

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