Thursday, November 18, 2010


I had two back to back nightmares last night -eesh - one was particularly disturbing having my father trying to smash in my head with this elaborate cane he was wielding (oh Mr. Freud!) and consequently I couldn't sleep; I think I was too freaked out to go back to dreamland; and ended up reading until 5 a.m. and then woke later than usual but am decidedly not feeling snappy.
And now the phone calls from the late-and-tardy-to-sign-up-for-the-craft-fair have begun. And, just like geese flying south, the blame and irrelevant excuses are pouring forth. (that I must -------listen to) For god's sake ladies and gentlemen! I have had an ad in the paper ("I don't read the paper") and an ad on the radio ("I don't listen to that") and posters up ("Oh, I never see any") for the last 3 weeks! How is this my fault? I honestly despair for these thorns in my side. And, of course, now I'll obsess about of the big reasons I'd like to just chuck the whole thing......
Yes, well. I will be setting up at the hall tomorrow at 10 a.m. And because it's in the new Community Center I can't hang up any decos - the walls you know.
I think the theme should be the Nightmare Before Christmas, anyway. Which would be awesome, come to think of it. (Hmmmmmm.....)
Painting is: "Nightmare" by Mia Mikali. Creepy stuff, huh? Personally it makes me laugh ruefully as it reminds me of some of the above folks...indeed.
*Update: It's obviously not a painting but a digitally altered photo. It was listed as a painting. Who knows what the hell is going on anymore........I'm tired and want to go to bed but I'm afraid to go to sleep now......and I miss my long hair. That's why that old photo is up as a profile image. To remind me to NEVER cut my hair again. Like this is another nightmare I need to obsess about right now.
I AM tired. I'm blithering.

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