Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Think: Brass Monkey's.....

Last night I had TWO down quilts AND wore my long underwear to bed. We are in the midst of a cold snap - and it's very unusual for this part of the world. Being beside the Pacific Ocean generally entails a tendency towards mild winters; a temperate climate in 'big science speak'. Yessiree, cold enough to freeze the knoodlies off a brass monkey....
Other than my red nose, the Craft Fair was a BIG success.
That makes me depressed.
Ok. I'm exaggerating somewhat.....of course I want the darn thing to work! It's just in my ever hopeful way, I sure would like to pass on the baton to someone. (.....anyone...?) and with making things work so good I'll be in the driver's seat for some time. (Oh get over it, Marlah...)The new Community Center was a great venue; at the very least we were warm for the first time in 20 years....ha! The local Credit Union ran the kitchen and, by all that makes your mouth water, did an absolutely fantastic job! Rave reviews from the folks on the 'Pulled Pork Bunwiches, Pulled Chicken Bunwiches, Squash Soup and...wait for it.....Caramel Apples!!'
Oh boy! It always makes the Fair so much better to be able to have Good Eats available.
I did not too shabby myself. Sold out of my calendars, but that may be because they were CHEEP because I didn't think anyone would want one...(me=dumb) Sold my last 2 books (The Shadows Behind - see below) Sold 2 paintings and took 2 commissions - oh yay! What's crazy about this , is that I was unprepared this year and really was grabbing anything I had at hand to put into the Fair. AND, yet again, it was clear that I sell more paintings when I put them out in a venue that also has me there.
So, now we're on to the Christmas Gala and all the prep stuff that means. I get to make the 'Gala Guy and Gala Gal' Trophies again and I managed to score an old 'Barbie' and a 'Ken' for them....can't wait to get creating those! I'll be sure to post some pics!
And last but not least, I've been heavily petitioned to take on the presidency of the local Art Society (this would be my 2nd time)
I'm not jumping with joy, kids.
On one hand it's nice to know people think highly of me but on the other......well, the Arts society, sadly, is in a rather poor way. It has dropped many events previously under it's umbrella; ie: The Craft Fair (which is how I ended up doing it) The annual Art Show has shrunk to be in a very tiny venue and most artists are very disenfranchised.
The whole thing makes me writhe in yuk. I'm torn because if any place was made to order for a great arts community, it's out here. On the other hand, eeeeesh. Do I want to take on something that means a LOT of stress and work. (there goes the Art) (I'm not exaggerating)
AnywhatnextohLordway, that's what the menu is offering over the next while. And you thought Artists got to live quiet little lives painting happily away in their respective hovels, didn't you? Admit it! I did!
Painting is : "Golf Players On The Ice" (nothing like stating the obvious) by Hendrick Avercamp 1585 - 1643 That could be inspiration for the golf course folks out here.....


  1. Oh Sweet Marla.. we all know that you are the best person for the job.. you are amazing.. HOWEVER!!!
    I have decided that we all need to start respecting how much work goes into the arts and really need to be fairly compensated..(or at least.. at all)
    I think that you should say.. sorry.. but I cant do it unless I am paid.. I bet someone will come up with a creative solution to be able to keep the most talented and inspirational woman on the coast happy..

  2. I do get a renumeration from the table cost - after I've paid the advertising and print costs ( and my whatever of my own work sells) so it's not completely without benefit my dear Carla. After almost 20 years I hope I would know by now! I think; and as an awesome event organizer yourself you will understand this; that so many folks are wonderful and appreciate the work but the ones who act like they are the 'Diva' - just have no clue.