Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This weekend marks the date of our town's annual Christmas Craft Fair, an event that I have personally organized for @ the last 20 years...I think - I kinda lost track somewhere. Along with that little fun-time which means making/hanging posters, doing up floor plans, taking phone calls at all hours, decorating/setting up a room and making sure it all comes together, I am also involved with our Christmas Gala which is a fairly new charity event that gathers together the local-yokels (a fav expression of my Dad) for an evening of really dressing up and good food, extremely danceable music, drinks and an auction that raises money for our community. That event too means poster-floor plans-phone calls-decorating/setup and meetings. (I organize the artists end for donations)

AnyI'mexhaustedalreadyway, it's a bit nutsy in my life right now and I need the computer. A lot.
The above shows you what I have to deal with vis-a-vie Jams who generally claims the chair as soon as she can. This morning it was the moment I got up to get my coffee. However I have fixed the problem by picking up the pillow off the chair and placing her and it on the sofa.
So there! (OK, I'm not fooling anyone, am I?)
The point of all this blither is that I will be busy over the next while and may not post as often as I like to. Just jump up into the chair and snuggle down; I'll be back directly.

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