Saturday, November 27, 2010

Belle of the Ball!

Ok busy busy busy!

(And, yes, there's a 'guy' pic too but every little catchy phrase I come up with is really dirty.....)
Moving right along.....
I'm terribly behind on the usual yappity-yap here but (and here they come: excuses! justification! all round cheesy behavior !) Yes, well, in a word: THE CHRISTMAS GALA! It's a week today and I've been making the trophies! 'GALA GAL' & 'GALA GUY'

Honestly I've had so much fun doing these that I wish I could create lots of 'goofy' icons for anything. With a TON of gold spray paint, mind.
If nothing else, we've proved there's an 'after-life' for old 'Barbies'.
Now, wouldn't you want to win one of these unique creations? Already the other board members are aiming to score and are planning the outfits! speaking of which, I have also got an extravaganza of sartorial excess planned. a 1950'S style dress with a sweetheart neckline covered in sequins and a HUGE crinoline with a very over-the-top hat creation made for me by Blair Nadeau at Check out the swellest head toppers you've ever seen! AND! He's Canadian! AND! His service is astounding! Then my handmade suede 'shortie-boots' with added bows on the toes......but!..... no date.......sigh....such is my life. Who cares - I'll be crazy-ass dancing all night by myself anyI'mtoomuchtohandleway!
Man I can't wait for next Saturday night. I LOVE dress up in all it's forms!
But first we have to decorate and set up all the tables and a photo booth and load in the booze and etc etc etc. I shall have to nap something fierce Sat afternoon!

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