Friday, November 12, 2010

Strange Days Indeed

I'm in a strange know: I think I'm OK but am continuously forgetting the most basic things (like meetings, or appointments, etc) I burst into tears at the oddest times...(like right now - seriously, my eyes are full of tears...sheesh!) or during stupid movie things. ANYTHING that has 'Death' attached to it makes me all wobbly.
I really wish it would stop as the ordinarily stoic woman I am, is disconcerted at the breaking apart.
I guess this is grief and , as such, has to be gotten through until it passes, as all things will, with time.
I'm also trying not to drive at night and certainly not as often as usual, as I find myself 'blanking' out and come to some minutes later down the road....not good but at least I live in a remote place with little traffic and know the road very very very well - perhaps that is the problem.
Part of me is standing back and observing this and being wildly how I'm feeling disconnected.
Photograph is "Sorrow" by John Toxey and I appologize as the image won't enlarge in a good format which is sad as it's a powerful moment caught in the camera feelings exactly.

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