Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Strength to Change the Things I Can, the Grace to Accept the Things I Cannot, and a Few Martinis as a Backup Plan.

(apologies to AA for blatantly messing about)
Ok....what's it been....a week? So far we are on a roll...ha!
Anyjustfoolin'aroundway, the neck has finally settled down after all the nuisance of sleeping propped upright, dropping Tylenols like Smarties and making an appointment for a massage - today! (took that long to get in) and wouldn't you know, woke up after the best sleep and no pain.
Sheesh...it's like the body decided to buck up after being threatened by the massage thing. Now, that does sound strange, I know, but I don't like massages......yep, that's odd. For some reason I flinch and freeze when someone I don't 'know' touches me...ok that is decidedly something for 'the couch' and I have no idea why. But that's the truth.
So moving right along.....
Watched an awesome DVD "Irina Palm" last night - and, yes, from the Library! (did I mention the Library and it's DVD selection, perchance...?) Well, this was one of those odd little fil-ums that drop into your lap - I wasn't sure about it at first but someone else recommended it as being worthwhile. It stars Marianne Faithful and for those of you who don't recognize the name, she was one of the MAJOR players back in the 60's - a STUNNER who ran with all the big band boys, ie: Stones, Cream, Doors etc. I believe she was Mick Jagger's main squeeze for a while.
And there she was...old and overweight. It was bloody AWESOME! The movie itself was really good but I was SO - I don't know - reassured that even those who were famous and gorgeous have become ordinary. I guess it's the fact that all of us were gorgeous when we were young...oh yes we were - we just never realize how much until we see photos many years later - and then TIME just kinda levels the playing field for us all.
I find that comforting. So instead of bemoaning what was, or not being fabulous, or whatever we aren't, we need to just get on with living.....wrinkles,weak eyes,wobbly thighs and all.
And don't forget the Martinis!

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