Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If You Try Sometimes, You Find, You Get What You Need

Ok, Now that song will be on the perpetual replay tape in the brain.....

Yes, indeedy.....while on my jaunt down island, I spent a pleasurable couple of hours putzing around Sidney with my darling friend and spied an IslandBluePrint store that carried some Art Supplies. If you 'shop with Marla', you soon learn that any store that remotely hints of art or is a gallery type setting is the magnet pour moi and you will be dragged in and forced to endure the immersion into this art life.
Such was the case with Sue and me on Saturday when I saw the aforesaid IslandBlue and beelined straight into it. Now I think I mentioned in a previous post how I've been waiting/searching to find the way to reproduce my intricate backgrounds in my paintings in an 'archival' way, in other words: a product that allows computer printing and is also non detrimental to a work of art. (not to mention that drawing these intricate backgrounds out by hand is getting harder to do with my cronked up digits)
This is where I was at when I stepped into this store. I was immediately asked by the salesperson if I needed help and responded with the above requirements. my great delight I lucked into a FANTASTIC clerk who knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish and recommended some products that seemed appropriate.
There are two points to this small tale; 1) I was treated to a great 'shopping' experience by having someone who was knowledgeable and personable and greatly enthusiastic for what I had in mind and 2) got turned on to 'homemade paper'. Who'd a known that homemade paper would fit the bill so perfectly? It is not filled with all the 'stuff' that ordinary paper is - lingens and bleach - that cause damage to artwork due to it's inherent nature of being made with natural plant fibers. AND it prints beautifully!
You see the result above in my new painting "Lush" that I've been waiting to get started for 2 weeks now. I'm super happy with how it worked out.
Can't wait to get it done!
Oh yeah, and if you're ever in Sidney, B.C., make sure to go into the IslandBlue store there and ask for Shirley - she's the bomb!

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  1. my my Marla...I love the texture of this background.. it is FANTASIC!!! thank you Shirley..just when I think you have reached an awesome push it to the next level!!