Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's My GD Birthday

Yes, yes it is, oh faithful follower.....and although I do somewhat echo this sentiment, it is actually the name of the painting by Pauline Lim I've used here.
Ah, birthdays......I'm usually a huge fan of the day as many years ago I decided to take on the responsibility to make my birthday what I wanted it to be, instead of relying on someone else to do so.
It's been a really good time ever since!
Today, however, I am being slightly freaked by the number....I know, I know, not 'politically correct' in our day and age but at 57 it just seems like a number that is 'fraught' with so much aging stuff.
So to get myself beyond this, I think I shall see what 57 years have given me.
I was in the inaugural flight of a DC 10 (a DC's almost prehistoric) over the Arctic Circle when I was 2 1/2. I've had TV arrive as a BIG box with HUGE tubes and 2 channels to the ultra modern slick 600 channel thing of today. I remember a horse driven cart going up and down our alley ways in Kitsilano, Vancouver (where I grew up). I had the Milkman and the Postman and the Doctor coming to the house. I had a rotary phone when I was young and it was a 'party line'. I remember school being SCHOOL. I remember Drive-ins and big ass heavy cars. I have seen computers go from 001 000 101 prompts to the really user friendly tool of today. I've seen man take his first wobbly steps into space and have a cousin who is now an astronaut. I've been a part of the 60's and been there at the start of the Women's Movement. I had the first MS. Magazine and the first 'Women's Magazine - Playgirl'. I've lived in a three room tree house I built myself on a commune. I have had friends from every walk and corner of life. I rode the train alone from Montreal to Vancouver in 1980. (MAGIC!) I've been married 3 times. I've had countless lovers and am still alive. I've given birth to 2 fine sons. I've lived, loved, laughed and cried and danced my ass off through 57 years of life and, the great creative spirit willing, I shall do so for another 57.
But most importantly, ART has been my constant companion throughout it all.
It's only our bodies that grow old, our souls stay forever young.
So I'm planning to take a chocolate cake down to the great back deck of my favourite hang out spot with the coffee house and local good eats and 5 of my murals and invite all and sundry to participate.
No singing required.

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