Monday, June 28, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jog

Back from delivering my 3 pieces to the Sooke Show down Victoria way and I'm thinking: Ah, road trip. The thing that turns me into a class 'A' type personality. I make lists, I obsessively pack and repack, I take too much stuff, I load the van the minute I get up (wa-a-ay too early, may I add, after a lousy sleep 'cause I keep waking up to check the clock....), I MapQuest endlessly and then I'm ready 1/2 hr before I need to be and have to walk around or sit pretending the book I'm reading is riveting as I check the clock every 5 minutes............sigh.
And something else weird happens (as opposed to the usual weirdness surrounding me, I guess) because my body image morphs on me. Honestly, I may not be 100% happy-snappy with the old carcass right now, but I try to at least dress nicer than 'sweat-pants-and-voluminous-shirt' style but what seems/appears to be okey-dokey in my house mirror as I leave then transforms on arrival, via the time/space compendium I'm sure, into a frumpy lumpy barf-bag fashion statement.
I think I'm an experiment.

I'm glad to be back in my personal space reality show.

ADDENDUM: Jams left me 5, count 'em, FIVE, throw-up spots as a welcome back-don't-ever-think-of-going-away-again present. I spent the first 1/2 hr after walking in the door, on my hands and knees scrubbing carpet while she walked around with a decided smirk on her face.
Ah, we're home.

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