Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some (Re) Assembly Requested

I have been laid up with a cronk neck/back for the last few days due to sleeping on it the wrong way which is irritating beyond belief because it seems lately it's just been waking up to some other part of myself breaking down and I have to say I'm fed up to the teeth with my body at the moment. I have resorted to hot water bottles, extra strength Tylenol and sleeping propped upright on my couch....all the chiro/massage clinics are booked solid too. (and there are 3 to choose from in this small town)
I would like to request an oil and lube change if I could only figure out how......really, I honestly would welcome a cyborg existence today.
And last weekend was the annual Edge-to-Edge Marathon in our little part of the world which has a 46 km run from Tofino to Ucluelet and I usually set up a bit of display at the finish line, so I get to watch these preemo athletes cross the finish line and, honestly.....the way they look and act is not a real good advertisement on running as a great thing to do.
Don't get me wrong - their bodies are really in shape and, gods know I lust for the same but the suffering they wear is not pleasant to witness.
Why is it that our bodies are so freeping hard to maintain? You'd think that evolution - which generally wants survival as a priority - would make it a 'standard issue' feature for us. And what's up with wiring our brains/taste buds to crave that which is bad for you?
We are a 'programmed-to-fail' species it seems.
I heard a program about some specialized study on CBC (ah, what a radio station, as I have said) that found to live a long, long, long and really healthy life, one needs to eat basically a 'starvation' diet based on grains. No anything else.
Wow, that sounds like fun.
What's the point of living really long if you are just plain miserable?
I don't think you get extra points when you die.
I'm waiting for the study that just says 'Enjoy yourself!'
Think that's going to happen?

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