Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh Look.....It's Weather Outside

Here where I reside, there is a lot of rain. It is, after all, a rainforest; kinda to be expected, huh?
Well, wherever and whenever you go, to be sure the weather is the king/queen of topics. And how much/not enough, etc etc. And ALWAYS rain gets the bad rap. I'm sort of fed up with this. So, I'm here to speak for the wet stuff.
We have the cleanest air and the greenest environment (I speak of the color not the verb) and generally are lucky enough not to suffer from water concerns....ok, as an aside that would be UKEE - Tofino does have shortages as a concern but this seems due to an overwhelming presence of big resorts and the phenomenal amount of laundry etc. they engender. Man made problems as usual.
You don't have to shovel the stuff, you don't have to get really strange protective gear to venture outside (a good hat , coat and gumboots will suffice) and generally you can carry on despite the downpour. I agree it's not always the most pleasant thing but I could argue that a stroll through the forest with the rain plocking and drippling off the leaves all around can be magical. And to lie in bed at night warm and cosy with the rain zipping and flinging about and making that special natural music outside is purely one of those great little moments.
So here's to the 'ugly duckling' sister of sunshine. I like you lots, Rain. Thanks for the healthy environment you provide and the lovely flowers that happen after you visit. I am glad you happen. Besides, after you've lived in Prince Rupert (up north on the mainland coast ) THIS is nothing!
And my friend from Scotland shares my sentiment.

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