Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working 9 to 5

Ok....let's not drivel on about how I've completely abandoned this blog....well, not entirely because here I am.....but I agree it's been some time.
A..N...D here's the reason.
I got a job.
Yes, indeedly, packyourlunchandbringabriefcase we are adding our woeful self that has had maybe @ 3 'real' jobs in our life to the general masses. Mainly because I am so broke currently, I find it behooves me to accept the fact that I need to.
Ah, sigh bloody sigh. Wouldn't it be fantastic to find a 'patron' that would enable me to live and paint.....but those days are long long past my friends. And if you really look at the whole patron thing; well, they actually told you what to paint.
Two sides to every story, good people.
So, for the next 4 to maybe 6 weeks, I will be getting up and ready-ing myself in a presentable way (perhaps girding my loins is more appropo...?) - as opposed to donning my paint splattered baggy sweats and hoodies - and spending 7 to 8 hrs typing stats into a pc for Census Canada. My arm is really considering packing it's bags and leaving....soon.
Now, aside from the fact that it's an eye opener working a 'government job' (can we say 'anal'?), I am so unfreekingbelievably tired at the end of these days I fall asleep at 9:00. Seriously. I feel like I've been transported back to 9 years old.
And the worst thing about all that is I have no energy to work on my painting. And I feel that wrench deeply. * Let's insert another sigh here, ok? *
Now like so many many of us, I live for the weekend - except by then my dishes and my clothes are piled up in teetering towers with the flies circling and DEMAND that I deal with them first.
My god. It's like an Escher print.
However, I keep saying to myself , " I will just focus on getting through this as best as I can and the money will give me a nest egg to carry on...." and it boils down to putting one foot in front of the other and doing what it takes.
.....but...9 o'clock?!?

Painting is "Self Portrait in Tub With Chinese Food" by Lee Price and boy does this hit home right now because I admit I did crawl into the tub with a plate of toast and then went to bed....

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