Saturday, June 11, 2011

You Got To Admit It's Getting Better - It's Getting Better All The Time

(It Can't Get No Worse) la la....thought I'd start this off with a little old Beatles tune, since I'm an old beatle myself. Yes by all the turning season's it's come around to my birthday again. Tomorrow in actuality, but we're writing today as I'm going to rela-a-A-A-x tomorrow. By painting a-a-a-all day! Sweet!
I share this birthday month with Sir Paul McCartney whose birthday falls on June 18th which, oddly enough, is my older son's birthday as about that.
Anyhowmanytimescanwesaybirthdayway, I was wondering what artists I share this occasion with and lo and behold it's EGON SCHIELE - and I am a big fan of his. The painting above is done from one of his. With a few of my touches. I did this one as a 'trade' with my hairdresser...a long time honored practise in the arts community - generally how famous artist's paintings end up being discovered in some dusty attic or mouldy basement many years later because the following generations put away that 'awful/dumb/weird' (insert epithet of choice) painting granpa traded some ratty looking schmuck for some soup.
And I'm pretty sure that's the fate of some of the art I've created......funny to muse on that possibility. If you believe in reincarnation, well, I might even 'discover' myself in some far off age....and now we're getting really off track with this kind of strangeness.
Yes, there you go with my brain.....anylet'smovealongshallweway, I am going to turn 58 which in and of itself is no big deal except it has me right smack dab up against the fact that 60 is right around the corner and that is one of those 'pivitol' birthdays. More so than 50 which I could sort-a pretend that was still 'young-ish'. Yepper - 60 is where you really face the fact that you're in the 'winter' of your life - even if you are all the trite and goofy quotes ( you're as young as you feel; it's not the years in you're life but the life in you're years...yadda yadda yadda) Nobody lives forever. I saw that on the back of a fantastically painted VW van yesterday and that's been rattling around in my head for 2 days.
Because that's the reality of life, isn't it? We all have to pass on to whatever comes next in whatever your belief system says....and that includes you out there that staunchly insist you have none - it's still a belief.
Wowzers....we are getting old - there's all that 'philisophical' yap yap that seems to suddenly descend upon you when you're 'old'...eep!
Let's just say that getting older is 'getting better all the time'. What was so scary about this? I get more compliments on my white/grey hair than I ever did when I was young...huh. AND I find the best thing is how stuff just doesn't get me all stressed and freaky anymore. And that's a gift for sure. I'll take it.
Thank you Life!

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