Friday, June 24, 2011

Road Trip! and the paintings are off to Victoria and the Sooke Fine Arts show ....the first step of being juried along with about 1200 other entries from some very very phenomenal artists. The jurors must winnow down these entries to a firm 375 that will be the actual showing of the Sooke show. I'll find out on July 1st if I make the cut.
A wee bit anxious, truth be told.
But while down there I shall endeavor to see my son and his lovely lady and will be celebrating a late birthday with my dearly treasured friends.
I AM so looking forward to this weekend! I spent 2 hrs washing and vacuuming and wiping down the van; loading her up and getting together all the various and sundry that a road trip entails......oh, and making sure the 'royal' Jams has the adequate care and attention she .....demands.
And the weather looks grand.

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