Saturday, June 18, 2011

Newest Painting from the LIVING THE MYTH SERIES (# 3)

"Waiting for The Prince"
36" X 43"
Mixed Media: acrylic/collage
With an original designed  tattoo emblem (in the background 'wallpaper') for my painting by an old friend. Part of the submissions for the Sooke Fine Arts Show which I need to deliver to next weekend for the juried process.
We get to wait until July 1st until we know if we are accepted ........oh the agony.
Now I am in the 'weird' space of thinking these paintings suck....I half hate them, half love them....makes me crazy.
This is the dilema creative folk have endured throughout time. But it keeps you going because you keep reaching for that elusive goal of the most perfectly sublime painting/sculpture/music/choose your medium. And when and if you ever reach it.....well, what's the point of carrying on?
So in a way I welcome that 'push/pull' feeling.
It means I'm still moving forward.

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