Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This is a 'photo board' ......which, pretty obviously, is a kind of painted board of amusing characters that you stick your head in the hole and have a pic snapped, thereby making 'you' the character. These were really popular in the Victorian age when photography was in it's infancy and folks got a kick out of looking 'different'. Well, not much has changed on that front. This board was a commission from my town's local Chamber of Commerce who requested a 'fun' west-coasty themed one to place at the Info Center out at the junction where the road forks to go either to Tofino, the Park or good ol' Ukee ( that's a much easier way to say U-Clue-Let...huh...?) It was a great project to design and paint except for the added twist of having to figure out how to make it possible to take in at night by the staff (whom are posing in the above photo) and I handed that job off to my friend who is a retired shop teacher and I have to say came up with a pretty nifty set up. I did envision kids of a younger set being more of the fan base but from the reports so far, it seems those 'bigger' kids want to get 'into the act' too. ( .....just how many little quotey marks can we use.....)
I think it's pretty zippy, myself! I would like to do lots of them for all over town...say, one with a bear, wolf, cougar and eagle maybe......or perhaps some mermaids and mermen.
Or some 'fisherman' type old salt kind of guy......or how about a surfer dude? Dudette?
Yesiree.....we could get right carried away with this.....
Oh, please let me!

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