Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Three 'R's.......

Today I thought I'd talk about some of the art books in my collection of over 300 (may I add) that I've found helpful in the creative process. Then again, I have a vast amount of the purely visual eye cookies in art books too and they are worth a mention as well. Being as it's the weekend and even though I have a deadline for finishing my painting looming like the proverbial sword - I am also planning a 'couch retreat' with a good book later.   In my world, the three 'R's stand for "reading, reading and really a lot of books".
Anywheretobeginway, I thought that I'd try to break it down into categories over the next few posts and that way accomplish a few things at the same time, to wit: having something to blog about, helpful art related books and organizing the clever is that! we go:
Catagory 1:
'Rendering In Pen and Ink'
by Arthur L. Guptill
watson-guptill publications
This is one of those enduring classics that ANY ONE  the least bit artistic should have. It's been in print for over 60 years and I think that illustrates just how good a book it is. I originally 'stole' a copy some 32 years ago from the MooseJaw Public Library - yes I returned it many years ago with apologies both monetary and verbally contrite - but this book has been a constant 'go to' for me. If any of you are interested in learning how to draw in black and white and also for anyone who wants to get into the comics and graphic arts field....this IS the book. Some of the information is dated as it originally came out when you drew with 'qwill pens' but it still is applicable to the more 'user friendly' tools of today. got a budding artist in your midst? This book with a set of drawing pens (see your local art store) makes a great gift.

'Drawing Dynamic Hands'
Burne Hogarth
watson-guptill publications
Actually ANY art book by Burne Hogarth is worth getting - a real master of human anatomy etc and he was a founder of the School of Visual Art in NYC . This book is dog eared and coffee/paint/ink stained and full of notes etc by me. Hands are the most difficult of body parts to get right for me so this is definitely my bible. It's made a huge difference in my drawing and painting of hands.

'Painting Watercolor Florals That Glow'
Jan Kuntz
northlight books
I haven't painted in watercolor for a long long time now - 4 years?? - but this book was a 'top 10' from those years and I still go back to it. If you're into floral painting, it doesn't get better than this.

'Making Color Sing'
Jeanne Dobie
northlight books
I cannot say enough about this book. I've had my copy since the early 80's and it stands the test of time. Although geared towards watercolor, the information on how to place color in your painting to make it 'pop' with visual excitement works for acrylic as well. A gem.

Jean Drysdale Green
watson-guptill publications
Everything, and I mean everything you need to know about experimenting with all art media to achieve different effects in your paintings. Opened my eyes and made my hands itch to really take it up a notch. It has lead me down some fantastic paths to where I am today. Granted, not all attempts worked out but some did and you can see that.

...I have to stop here but honestly, I've pulled out way more books. However in trying to stick to the category of 'use over and over and over' I need to be stern with's just that some of the ones I pulled out made me all 'hey! this is so good too I forgot it was here and I should mention it too'.....well, that's why we love books isn't it? They spark our imaginations and make us dream big.
Until next time....hope you find some that work for you too!

Painting is: "Woman Reading on Bench" by Carl Larssen - and an artist who I've collected books on....but that's another category.

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