Friday, July 1, 2011

And The Winner Is......

....not what I expected at all......
There you go, the minute I can second guess this whole 'art' thing, I'll be a millionaire! Had an initial heart freeze when I downloaded the PDF file to find out the accepted artwork and couldn't find my eyes got all teared up for cryin' out loud....literally. Anywhatafragileegoway, after I realized I was flipping through the pages before they actually downloaded completely....there I was.
Am I disappointed with the result?
I'd be lying to not admitting I was hoping all 3 would get in but considering over 1300 works have to be winnowed down to just 375....having got in at all is grand indeed! we gear up for the actual show and the anxiety of hoping to sell and garnering some recognition.....end of July for that.
Next Show......Sidney Fine Arts Show in Oct. with the entry date in Sept.
No wonder my hair is turning white.

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