Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hear No. Speak No. See No.

Interesting thing has happened and it has me wondering if suddenly I've been transported to a repressive society or that my fellow citizens think Canada is actually 'Iranada'....
Let me start at the beginning.
I mentioned already that I've taken on a job with Census Canada - "The Government Job" - as I often refer to it. It certainly has opened my eyes to what working with bureaucracy is like and for a person such as myself that lives in a more 'creatively free' way, shall we say, certainly has me wondering just how 'anal' can you get.
As an illustration of the aforementioned I offer the fact that I receive emails from head office instructing me on the way to pack an envelope.....I kid you not.....and it will be sent back to me if there is even 1 small item out of order.....your tax dollars at work, folks.
Anyhowrepressivecanwebeway, this more than unbelievable job is coming to an end soon and I have been given a 'feedback' form (of course it's a form) to fill out. It actually has a identifying code number.
Now, I've been making note of the daily ridiculousness and phenomenal errors (due to the 'left hand not knowing what the right hand' etc) that have occurred whilst doing my daily entering of stats and data into the Government Official Site for entering stats and data.
The form provides a 1" X 1.5" box to fill in your responses to the questions on how you - as an empolyee of StatsCan - have perceived the working of the system and how you think improvements can be made.
I have attached extra sheets of paper to my little form.
Because there is so much stupidity going on that needs to be rectified. And yes, I can tell lots of stories but it will suffice to say my daily mantra for the last 6 weeks has been: "We work for Monkeys" (and apologies to monkeys but you catch my drift)
So, in my long and convoluted tale way, I was waxing rhapsodic about doing this form and how I was writing about all the dumb ass shit I've encountered to my friend in town and she looked at me and said, "You better not do that because they will flag you and you'll be marked out for a tax audit. That's what I hear happens to anyone who questions the government."
Excuse me..?  I'm completely astounded that she said this and even more astounded to have consequently heard it repeated by other acquaintances.
 Did I leave Canada in some strange alternate universe? I was under the impression we are a  democratic know, free speech...and just how paranoid are we becoming? Is this how most people hide their heads when 'our' VOTED FOR leaders do something that we as citizens feel need changing and/or don't agree with?
That worries me even more than the idiots running StatsCan.
Oh, and good luck on auditing me.......

Painting is : "SPEAK OUT" by Robert Wolverton Jr.
...nuff said!

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