Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heading Down The Highway, Hope You See Things My Way......

Well, we're on our way down island to the Sooke show tomorrow.......and, boy oh boyo, sure wish the wheels looked like the photo! Some cool that! I might even actually enjoy driving - which I don't. Never have. I should've been born in NYC where no-one drives. Not that I'm a bad driver - far from it. In the 38 years I've been at the wheel, I've never gotten a ticket or been in an accident (and let's just do every superstitious move to diffuse the evil eye here, shall we?) But the act of driving is extremely stress filled for me. I do not relax. The only place I like driving is out the winter....when no one else is around. Then I feel safe. For crying out loud.
Anywellherewegoway, I am off to attend the 'Artists Award Night' - sadly without an award to sweeten the mix but I AM looking forward to the treat of seeing some excellent artwork. I am seriously in need of a creative 'shot in the arm' so to speak. With so little sales happening, I'm feeling rather artistically, that's a wee bit harsh....more like I'm floundering in the sea of directionless inspiration. I need to get some charge about what is hot and exciting and the unarticulatable (wow, what kind of language is that?!?) charge inspiration can give. I shall be attending on my lonesome - I've exhausted the interest threshold of my 'dearly loved' - and who can blame them - but I am looking forward to strolling around as a single entity. And eavesdropping. Which is enlightening and hilarious all at once.
So if you are down in Sooke Friday night @ 7 p.m. c'mon by one of the best local art shows you'll ever see.
I'll be the lone figure in disguise.

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