Saturday, July 30, 2011

Past, Present and Future

Well, what a weekend that was! It covered all of the above and I'd like to report that I had about the best return drive - yeah, me the 'hate-to-drive' girl, is saying that I enjoyed my drive home.
Go figure.
First off, on Friday evening I attended the 'Artist's Evening' at the Sooke Show and apart from the mind numbing-unless-you're-getting-something opening bit, I enjoyed the walk around and looking. However I did come to the conclusion that unless I was a part of the 'you're-getting-something' opening bit, I will be attending during the week on the regular opening hours for the show from now on. For one, that will be easier to walk around without the horrific crush of hot bodies and really be able to see what is what. And to spend as much time as you wish doing so. I wasn't as 'taken' with this years show...well, that is not quite right. The art was spectacular and I'm always impressed greatly by the quality presented, it was just that - and by golly I'm going to sound like sour grapes here - I couldn't fathom why awards were given to the works they were given to. Now I am completely cognizant that in these juried shows, and the art world as a whole, it's all a great big 'crapshoot' ......all is colored with personal bias, can't be helped. It just seemed that some work was chosen for reasons other than 'uniqueness' ....but then again, what do I know. I'm very sure that if I was a 'juror' lots of folks would be questioning my choice as well. I still adamantly state that the Sooke Show is one of the premiere shows in BC. ALWAYS worth a visit.
Saturday I had to catch the 7 a.m. (first ferry!) out of town to meet up with my brother and deal with all the myriad bits that an estate engenders from a parent's death. This was the end as it's been a year for the Probate for Dad's estate to be handled so it really was closing this chapter of my life. LOTS of paperwork.
Anyyoucan'tjustdieinourworldway, what was the BEST part of all of that was being with my brother....who happens to be that sweet little man in the photo above. I think I may have mentioned that I LOVE my brother. I mean L - O - V - E this man who has travelled with me the longest in this life. My brother is one of the truly good souls and I am so lucky to have him in my life. He's not my 'real-by-blood' brother, he too is adopted, but I cannot fathom having a closer relationship to a sibling. After all the paperwork guff, Iain and I decided to put up a small plaque we had near where we scattered Dad's ashes last year when he passed away. And as we were passing by the area where we had grown up in Kitsilano, Vancouver, to get to Jerico Beach where we had scattered those ashes of Dad's, we took a side jaunt back to the old homestead.
Our house had..............shrunk!
No, seriously, we couldn't believe that this house that seemed so endlessly big and full of special places and lots of staircases and 4 (FOUR) floors was now just another old tiny Victorian character home. And the backyard too!! TINY!
It's rather disconcerting to have your reality shifted like that. What is it about childhood that skews our perspective so? OK, I know we are smaller but even so I think it's pretty standard to revisit a childhood home and be startled by how it has shrunk. Is it that our imagination is so boundless back then - before the universe imposes it's 'grown-up' limits - we are 'larger than life'?
Food for thought. Or to translate into a painting...... ok. From that bit of memory lane we went to have dinner with all the kids (my niece and 2 nephews) and - my favourite part!- went back to my bro's new apt where we spent part of the night in our pjs eating 'twizzlers', watching old John Wayne movies and blabbing. I had laryngitis next day.  Mind you I had to buy him an inflateable mattress so I'd have something to sleep on. But he cooked me breakfast.
And then it was back to the island and I had another first in my life - I bought a (new to me) sofa! I was pretty chuffed with that may I add. And, yes, it's pretty odd to state that at 58 I just bought my first piece of quality furniture but let it just illustrate in a small way how strange this life has been. And it fit in my BIG fleeping suv too....just about the only time I like that stupid beast.
AND Monday we had the most pleasant trip home with the beast full of the smell of freshly baked homemade bread and first thing I did after getting in the door was to have some toast with homemade peach jam (mm-mm!) and push 'play' on the answer mach to hear: "Hi Marla, this is the Sooke Fine Arts Show letting you know your painting ' Living The Myth-Down The Rabbit Hole' has sold."
Yepper.....a STELLAR weekend!!

P.S...and here's the future bit:
 I've just found out I'm.....going bald. Of all the frelling getting old bullflacky crap to hear. Sheesh. I have visions of extremely colorful headgear....scarves?? Perhaps wigs ala Elizabeth Taylor. Apparently this is a genetic thing and since part of my genetic history is a mystery - who is my 'real' father - not something I can do much about. Well, drugs are available but side effects are really really really frightening.
The future is decidedly bizarre in my world.
Ah, Vanity, thy name is woman. What I'd give to be 'black' right now....I'd just sport a shaved head. VERY 'arty'.

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