Saturday, August 13, 2011

Crowning Glories

Lately I've been feeling like I've passed my "Best If Used By" date.
Let me recap this odd time.
First, and foremost because it is consuming my attention, my strange and mostly disconcerting happenstance of a 'balding' head.
In our great land of Canada - and I say this without a trace of sarcasm - I mean that - you pop on over to the Doc for whatever ails you, although I often wonder when I sit in a waiting room how seemingly endless the human body's frailties can be, which is what I did. I wonder, again, what my fine Dr thinks when he sees me as my troubles seem to be random hits from the capricious fates of the universe. What with 'twisted' fingers and routine operations gone awry, he gets a veritable feast from yours truly. Anyoffagainintothewildblueyonderway, this is where I went over a week ago to have the receding hairline checked into and was slightly alarmed when his remark was "What is, why are you.....?" in a kind of sotto voice way and did not finish his statement other than to tell me to come to the clinic for blood work Tues am. I am now in the limbo land of 'wait and see'. I understand that I live in a far away place where things must go 'out-to-the-big-city' but, and herein lies the trouble, with all this time around before I know what's up, I compulsively research the topic on the Internet. Yes, yes, forewarned is forearmed, but in my case that imagination (I may have mentioned?) - takes me to places that may not be.....optimum.
So far I've checked out 'Rogain' (side effects are somewhat alarming), radical hair cuts (considering 'Punk' as a new statement), hair extensions (except your hair will break after the extensions are removed thereby bringing you back to square one) and wigs.
Ah great goddess of female vanity I appeal to thee......indeed.
Wigs are winning out I admit. Because you get to have all these different looks - and by all the Gemini artist in me do I EVER like that! It is immeasurably appealing to me to be able to change the 'canvas' whenever......although, it will be a dead give away about what is going on after the first few times. Do I care what folks may think? Not particularly. I've been telling some folks about going bald anyway and in this small place that about guarantees the whole town knows.  
So here I sit, stewing about stuff that hasn't happened and wondering if I should just shave it all off and wear wigs and researching wig places and wig choices and wig costs (!!!) Bla de bla.....etc. The thing is :  my 40th high school reunion.
O-h Y-E-A-H.
That particular bugaboo is looming up and I'm right in the thick of planning it with another old chum. (one other reason I've been away from this blog because I answer/sendout about 6 to 10 emails each day - I spend wa-a-a-ay too much time on this infernal machine!)  I've been responsible for gathering the troops - so to speak - and it's been grand being in touch with all these people who were such a big part of my world some 40 yrs ago.
But that means exactly what you think.
High School man. Where some of the harshest judgements and ratings-due-to-looks were handed down and I don't care who you are, you know it colors how you think to this day. I'm fairly certain some of these old school contemporaries will not attend just for that reason alone. And I will be front and center because I've put myself there by helping organize.
So this whole hair thing is becoming some 'King Kong' of a deal to me. Oh, stress and worry cause hair loss as well, apparently........sigh. Like 'will the wig fall off.....' etc....Quel Horreur!!
Meanwhile back at the studio - we are armpit deep into what is proving to be a leap forward in painting. I know I say that every time I do a 'new' series but really this is just making my fingers twitch excitedly. I am hoping to have it done next week so we'll leave you with the anticipation on seeing the result.......oh, and finding out the head decision......never dull folks!

The painting is "Hypertrichosis - Self Portrait" by Jazz-mihn Moore. (Hypertrichosis is 'excessive growth of hair') This young artist does some very fine work.
And we only wish that was the problem......although sporting a beard and mustache would not be optimim either. But it would be easier to deal with. Maybe.

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