Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In The Midst of Dark....Let There Be Light

* ......I've expanded my original post.....
(I paraphrased the titled....you know " in the midst of Death let there be Life....)
Well.....if I have to have some kind of crisis of health or looks or whatever......can I just say "bring it on".....? If it takes going through some kind of crisis to make the creative juice kick up a notch, well, I'll happily suffer some more. I have to admit to even wowing myself with this...FINALLY we can paint faces. I mean, really paint faces. (Ahhhh...faces. My personal nemesis....) I was getting frustrated with the 'blandness' of my previous work.
A decided leap forward.
Isn't it interesting that there are so many examples of adversity bringing leaps in technique or a new more dynamic style into an artist's creative life.....(Frida Khalo painted her strongest work from her dealing with the pain of her horrendous accident; Georgia O'Keeffe took off after the hurt Stiegilitz caused her; Vincent's whole genre came from dealing with depression and being unrecognized) Do we need the stress of a 'fraught' event to halt our complacency with what we are doing to jump into the next tier of accomplishment? Or is it only then that our 'essence' is truly transferred into the medium....?
Food for thought.
"ANNUNCIATION FOR A NEW AGE" Acrylic with Gold Leaf. 26" X 48".
First submission for the Sidney Fine arts Show.

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