Thursday, August 18, 2011

New! And IMPROVED! But Still With Original Command Center..... may have noticed a brand new 'Header'....that's the title band - so to speak - up there ^. Well, it's taken me about, oh...., 2.5 hours to do that. Give or take.
But I did.
We are smugly congratulating our old dinosaur self right now.....mind you, I still can't fathom how to change the font color ie: how to type in correct code into the least that's what I think it said when I -oh so cleverly- googled 'how to change font color in your Blog'; which told me.......
HTML >h3{margin:10px 0px;color:#777777777;font size:105Ihavenoideawhatsymbolcomesnext;}
Yep, right about there the eyeballs were spinning backwards.......however it necessitated a bit of playing around in Photoshop to reconfigure the colors so the original font of the header would show up and I got the image above. So I left it, feeling pretty smart and ok and I was just going to live with the original font color of white.
Then I posted the 'new' header and I set down this little story feeling all Miss Smarty Pant-ish and THEN......and then....yes, and then, well, I went into the 'layout' page and guess what?
There is that option to change font color already set up 'easy-peasy' style.......which is what I did with a click of the mouse.
Sigh bloody sigh.

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