Sunday, May 15, 2011

For Cryin' Out Loud - I'm Not Dead Yet!!

See this? It's a 'painting' I did wa-a-a-a-y the hell-o back in the late 70's....I think; maybe even very early 80's. Anywhatthehellnextway, it's popped up FOR SALE on '' for - and get ready to gasp - $ 1000.00......seriously.
I'm not quite sure how to react to this.
Part of me is flattered in a 'wow, look, I'm worth something after all must mean I'm getting famous' way but there's the other side to this and that's a bit of W.T.F. ?!!
This was such an early painting - and let's clarify that because it's actually a colored pen and ink drawing - and the perspective is so off and I really did funny people but there you go. (I believe I did post about this some time ago...I'll have to find that post after I have my fit of pique here)
the part that's so WTF about this, is that here is 'the unknown' who bought this at Value Village (I kid you not) for $2.00. And now, because of the long and hard earned reputation I've made for myself, wants to cash in on it.
Good luck on that, by the way, as I'm having a hell of a time selling anything lately and am down to drinking my coffee black because I can't afford milk.
Ok...all the wha wha poor me aside, this is the kind of thing that makes Artists collectively sigh - or perhaps scream in the great irony of it all. It does keep you humble ....well, it should anyway. The vultures are circling.
The irony is right.
And that's the lousiest frame job ever!
I wonder if I'll ever find out what the outcome is.
Sincerely bemused.
P.S. the original post about this painting is " BLAST FROM THE PAST" 10/20/10. The ending about how 'they really love it' takes on a whole new meaning after this, hey?

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