Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pass The Salt Please

I woke up today thinking about dinner, I didn't dream about chowing down with all the intriguingly diverse souls that make up my 'A' list so I have no idea where this thought grew wings and flew into my head from.
Probably the diet but let's not go there.
I used to plan lots of big dinner dos. Enjoyed the browsing for menu items and the prep and cooking and table design setting and the convivial grouping of bodies about the table but that passed away into the ether of 'other-things-going-on' some many years back.
And I miss that.
However, now that I live in a truly minuscule basement apt where the one and only table is the computer desk - a true sign of the times - there is a fair chance I won't be hosting an extravagant soiree some time soon.
More's the pity.
Painting is: "Men Eating Prawns" by Belinda Eaton who is, hands down, my most absolute favorite contemporary artist living. I adore her!

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