Sunday, January 16, 2011

Loose Lips Sink Your-Not-So-Clever Ship, Missy!, you know how in this day and age of instant-reply-to-something-posted on the various social networks you can find yourself spurting out some totally innocuous comment and later realizing, from the following after comments, you really just should shut up? Well, that happened to me. Worse even than that - I did this on my son's page......oh just kick me now.
The thing is, I actually had a very pithy reply to the comment made to my original post....VERY pithy. But I was struck with the realization of how unfathomably childish this was all becoming. (and may I add that my son is in his mid thirties, so no longer a (recognizable) child). Consequently,  I deleted all my comments from the post. Which may elicit more comments but I shall take the high road.
I am here and now admitting to wishing I had a 'DELETE' button on my mouth. I seem to be plagued with the inability to keep my own counsel. I've often written "SUM" on my hand before going to a meeting or event....that stands for : Shut Up Marla.
And to think I was once brutally
Painting: "Interior With Young Woman Seen From The Back" by Vilhelm Hammershoi and , again, we are bemused by the artistic naming of paintings. Unbelievably obvious. However it may be better than the other side of the coin and being titled "The End Of Light's Fight With Man's Quest For Undying Love'
" or some such incomprehensible ephemera of speech.

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