Friday, January 21, 2011

Living In The Age Of Confusion...

Like many folks who are glasses wearers; and I've been wearing them since before it was cool - as a matter of record when I got my first pair at the tender angst ridden age of 13, I spent the first part of my school year with my hands shielding the sides of my face in the hopes "no one would see" (completely counter productive for that goal); I remove them at night. I actually remove them when I have my nightly bath and put them beside my bed and, of course, this is to make putting them on upon first rising convenient.
Well, they weren't there this morning.
And I've been looking ALL day for them but they remain......lost. And it's a small apt.
Luckily, I have about 5 pairs so I can fall back on one of the extras and still's just that this whole episode is really upsetting.
The slippery slope to complete dithery senility looms before me, I am bloody sure.
Illustration: "Confusion" by Yuta Onoda, and right fine young artist!!

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