Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh Yeah? Well, I'm Greener Than A Chartreuse Frog On a Viridian Leaf In An Emerald Forest!

Ok, like all good citizens of Mother Earth, I care about my planet; I really do; you can't be an artist without the realization of this phenomenal gift of a planet we have; and I try to be as eco conscious as possible. I recycle and I refrain from plastic and I buy second hand 80% of the time; etc. etc. I often agonize over the fact that often art materials are not as environmentally correct as one would wish; 'in a perfect world'.....
BUT! And it's a big but.....I'm noticing an alarming trend towards a tone of 'holier than thou' with a great many of my contemporaries/friends in their postings. It's as though there is  some kind of 'Green Olympics' going on and the guilt I feel when I fall short of the oft times, very high mark. There is also, I'm bemused to see, a wee bit of hypocrisy happening too. Such as the strongest proponent is also the one who takes the longest car trips.....but there ya go, balance in all things.
Don't misunderstand me; I truly believe that we as a species NEED to get our act together and LIVE what we know is right for the health of our world. Or we ARE doomed - that's not rocket science to see what is happening because of our greed and slovenly behavior here on the 3rd rock from the sun. And there's nothing else to run to out there, folks!
AnymayIlivewhatIpreachway, perhaps there need to be a bit of 'mirror reflection' by some of these strident proselytizers and a tad more 'leading by example' going on.
Oh, and a 'give-your-head-a-shake' when berating all us poor souls for using soap/shampoo to wash ourselves.
Seriously now.
The painting: "Evan In Green" by Leanne Wildermuth - a perfect reflection of the somewhat 'childish' nature I see.
P.S. Remember to live as best you can. Thank you. Well done.

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