Sunday, January 2, 2011

...and We're coming 'round Again

Ah...New Year and the old 'let's-change-all-the-bad-habits/things/actions-and-it-all-will-be-better'.......uh huh. We all do it or at least make a passing glance at the tradition. It has me thinking about the 'symbolism', if you will, of 'new beginnings'.
Life is pretty much full of things we do that cause us second thoughts and contemplation about the 'I shudda's and I wisha's' and we can torture ourselves to distraction with them. (usually at around 3 a.m.) I think we need the symbolic gesture of the Resolution that comes with New Years so that we can feel we've been given a new page to continue the story of our lives. Apparently every 7 years our own bodies completely start anew -you know, new cells generated etc and if our own bodies seemingly believe in 'new beginnings', I guess we in our minds can as well. Certainly the life of an artist is filled with 'start anews'......all you ever do and create leads you to the 'new' style or vision. And that's a huge gift when you think on it.

The painting: "New Beginnings" by Victoria Pearce. I admit to choosing this for the title but I think a Sunflower is pretty symbolic too.

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