Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's Been A Long, Long, Long Time

It's been 40 years, ladies and gentlemens*, 40 YEARS, since I resembled this little innocent.......and I used to think I was 'plain'. Sheesh.
Anywearesoblindway, I received an email from an old high School chum wanting to start organizing a 40th year reunion. Wow. At the chance of sounding 'trite'; where did the time go.....
I'm excited actually. I like reunions....strangely enough I want to see all the 'kids' I went to school with even though I had a pretty brutal time in school until @ Gr. 11 when I was accepted into the 'Hippie' bunch.
I believe there are many folks out there that hate the idea of reunions for much the same reasons and I sort of get it but, really - we change so damn much from that earlier time of life when we were such naive, innocent, full of 'holier-than-thou' verve. We were so brilliantly stupid.......sigh.
Yes, indeed. Still and all, am I just one of the few that is fascinated with what time does to us? Once again in the possibility of sounding trite or perhaps as a generalization, often those who were the pariahs become the brilliant stars and those who seemed to dwell among the gods are, well, brought horribly to earth.
People and their journeys enthrall me. Maybe it's akin to seeing the process of how your art changes and matures and grows depth - the juxtaposition is obvious.
Great things ahead for this year already! Now I shall be planning out my time to:
a) loose weight (is there a woman alive who doesn't want to loose weight for a reunion?!) I know, I know.....

* = I have a wonderful friend who hails from Trinidad who has the most endearing malapropisms......she always says 'Gentlemens' and I love it.

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