Friday, January 28, 2011

Left Behind

I've been feeling decidedly 'behind the times' lately......probably due to having been at a friend's 50th birthday party last Friday and getting into a conversation about illustrating books. You see, for special people's kids in my life, I've written and illustrated some 4 or 5 books. And they certainly are a work of art - all hand written and illustrated with original paintings. I had written and illustrated a delightful book for this particular birthday person's children some many Christmases ago and, as my present to her was a painting, she was telling the folks about the book.( I guess to let them know all the arty stuff you can score from me when you're my friend) Someone piped up with the remark "Oh, have you thought of illustrating books professionally?" (to me) And I started explaining how you needed to be versed in the specific computer skills that the book illustrating industry today requires etc etc when it hit me.....I'm being left behind because I'm a dinosaur.....I don't have computer skills. Oh, I can fumble around and stuff in a pretty low key way but I'm out of my depth when it comes to using any of the graphic applications available now.
I kinda am bummed about it. And, yes, I expect I could learn but not in this remote any case it really hits me with the fact I'm getting old.
All of a sudden time is flying by and I'm running real fast but the last person in the race passed me by some miles back. I don't recognize the names of musicians anymore and I'm out of the loop for what's cool. Never mind how I dress - that's a whole other kind of hopeless.
There is one good thing about being an Artist in all of this however. Most of what I can or can't do, act or say or wear for that matter, just is viewed as 'eccentricity' of the first order.
Once again, thanks Great Spirit for making me an Artist.
Painting is: "Eternal Almighty Medicine To Perfect Happiness" by Fuyuko Matsui. AND let's just compare this title to the earlier one some few posts back of astounding obviousness. This title would be the polar opposite.
I could use some of that medicine however. If only it was that easy, huh?

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