Saturday, June 23, 2012

WHOA! Just about snapped your jaw off there, huh?

Great Gods of watching paint dry but I'm bored. 
I'm trying to 'rest' my abused digits and tendons from the aforementioned spate of creative stitchery for a couple of days until I have no soreness and >
a: get inspired to paint some more cool 'pet' pics 
b: get that box of goodies from the doll supply place to start it all over again. 
This is not the artist's 'happy' place. 
You'd think I would like an excuse to sit on the couch with a good book and beaucoup the bonbons but no. I loathe not creating something. Even chowing down on those divinely awesome (and so bad for you ! yea-as !) chocolate ice cream chocolate chip cookie sandwich thingies I just discovered you'd think would soften the blow but uh uh. 
By the way, what brilliant genius invented that particular culinary bliss? Thank you for the next 10 lbs. 
Anystuffyourfaceway, moving forward, I find it hard to sit or fill my moments with 'other' pass times instead of creating. What a curse to have! I suppose I could troll the Internet for ideas/things/humanidiocy but that seems to lose it's charm pretty quick as well. I need to straighten up the studio. Like that is going to scream fun at me....
Golly! How whingy can you get?
I think we need to take a hot soapy bath and watch some movie by Studio Ghibli, that god of animation superability. 
That will get some creative juice flowing in the brain at least. 
The painting is: "The Boredom" by Russian artist A. A. Deineka, 1936
I pretty much feel like that only not so nicely dressed. But she just about could be holding one of those chocolate chip ice cream cookie thingies. 
Now there's a thought......

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