Saturday, June 9, 2012

Still Down And Out In The City of Art

Yes, well.....
We're still assuming horizontal poses and sounding like we gargle with paint thinner and are having personal thermostat problems going hot/cold hot/cold every 1/2 hour and have had brain replaced by pudding I swear but, if I can glimpse a glimmer of hope anywhere, are getting bored (I believe I've read every book in my collection....twice) and that I think is the start of mentally getting the system to pull itself together. I found it interesting to see that being sick is one of the most used topics on blogs - seriously! - although mainly as an excuse as to why the blogger hasn't posted in a while. Jams thinks it's great, mind you, as she has carte blanche to lie on me and be scratched endlessly. And if the fates allow, can score a piece of buttered toast. 
Meanwhile my show is getting lots of folks through - which makes me happy but feeling like a schmoo, again, for missing my opening. And things are selling - yay!  my artdolls specifically so I'm thinking I could sew some more as I am basically on my ass anyway. (you can view these by popping over to my art site - link above)
Which has me musing on creating while you are ill. My own artist Icon Frida Khalo started painting because she was confined to bed for three years. THREE YEARS, my friends, wrap your beanos around that! And there are some telling photos of Monet lying in his sickbed with a specially made long handled brush so that he could paint even though he was dying.
Sheesh. I feel decidedly 'wimpish'! 
I have tottered into town twice over the last week to replenish food but as soon as I try to speak have everyone running away in terror, making strange gestures at me. And since my brain is pudding it is probably not the best of things to do - driving can be strange as you cannot recall getting from A to B- but thems the breaks when you're single. Sadly pathetic creature that I am resembling at the moment. 
Sympathy? A cool hand for the fevered brow? A loving spoonful of chicken soup?
Not gonna happen. 
It has me recalling my sick times as a kid, oh way back in the mists of time ago. Mom was not the tuck-you-up-and-soothe-your-aches kinda mom. Nope. Nosirree. We basically were sent to bed and told to stay there and sleep. Not a whole lot of anything specially 'mothery' about it. Probably why I was not often sick as a kid. 
So moving along.....and boy don't you think it's time I did - I shall be pulling out the big doll supplies tote and gearing up for some sewing and guess what!?!......I have books on tape to help that along.

Painting is: "Sick in Bed" by Gillian Wilson. I just love the absolute pure simplicity of this....and it still speaks volumes. 


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