Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Multitasking With A Magpie Mind

I have a good friend coming up ...over?....down? - can never figure out what direction is right - from far away for a visit and this means that I had to get around to that 'studio cleaning'  chore that's been hanging over my head. Because that's the 'guest' room. The thing is, I live in a very small space...@ 650 sq ' and that means a royal Rubics Cube has to happen. You know, move A to living room while you reposition B in the Studio. To make room for A moving back. Move the things in the living room to the kitchen to make room for A and then back again. Vacuum and dust and wash stuff too. And so forth. That's all well and good except for I have.....The Magpie Mind. 
The Magpie Mind, for those of you who don't know, is the tendency to be easily distracted by bright and shiny things. For that matter, any bloody thing at all. It is at times, a curse. 
Let me illustrate.
The studio is jam packed with various projects and all the multi media accoutrements they engender. Collage papers, magazines and ephemera; Doll making supplies and boxes of fabrics; paints, brushes, canvases, old paint rags; framing and stretching tools; hardware and power tools and! the most important! >  interesting stuff I'm gonna use someday.
It's a miracle I can get in the room at all.  
Well because there is so much stuff I can sometimes forget what I have. You're starting to see the direction we're going, huh? Indeed. As we are moving A to B, we come across many things that need sorting and collating and reorganizing from 4 boxes down to just 1 handable one and things that obviously have passed their use by date or just plain why-am-I-saving-this and need to be tossed. Problem is, there is so much to go through. And I get bored with doing just one thing and it occurs to me that I need to get the books up off the floor in the living room and restack them in the bookshelf to facilitate the moving of A (remember 'A' ?) to the living room so we'll just take a small detour to do that and oh ya, the laundry needs to get started because those are the jeans I need for town and we might as well change the sheets and hey-yo, Jams is shedding so much we need to strip the chair covers off and wash them too as 'the friend' is allergic to cats and look at all this freaking dust where's the vacuum cleaner! and by now we are hungry so let's boil up a wiener and oh yeah! put the things in the washing machine as it's going with only water in it and wait a minute we forgot to get those books in the studio to put back too and what the heck I forgot I had this and this too! and oh shit! I need to get this project started and let's get the paint back on the shelf while we're here anyway  and THE WEINERS! 
You see what I mean. 
It's exhausting having this brain. 
The good thing is that after 4.5 days of this frantic behaviour the place is beyond spic and span. It's all sparkily!! A baby could crawl safely across the floor except that I'd need to move all those Art things I have.....back into the Studio.

The painting is :" Multitasking" by Mary Catherine Starr. I love the bright colours and absolutely right on feeling of frenetic action. But my favourite part is the blissed out face.
If only.

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