Friday, June 22, 2012

The Assembly Line Stops Here, Sunshine!


Head close up


Bird detail

Well there she is all done and that is what I am too. I've stabbed my right index finger so many times it's now unusable (I'm typing with the middle finger) and my knuckles and joints are swollen from all the stuffing and stretching and cutting and yadda yadda yadda....I need a break from Art Dolls. 
Who knew Art was so tough?!? 
Mind you famous last words and all that. I've sent away for a real treasure box of assorted goodies from a doll supply place and as sure as Jams will want to sit where I do, I'll be all hot to get into the new stuff. 
What do I call her? Well, "Elf Imp" came to mind first because of the look and feel and amount of crazy it caused but I think I'll go with:
"Releasing The Inner Child".
That works, huh?

Materials: Head is sculpted Paperclay and hand painted. Body is polyester fiber stuffed cotton, dress and hat and shoes are designer fabric swatches. The Bird is a 'fungus' owl and it and the hat accessories are from my ephemera collection. The owl is sitting on a dried kelp branch - cool or what! Oh, and all the clothes and doll parts are my own patterns.  

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