Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Burfday, Baby....

Mmmmm...s u g a r.....Yes, indeedily it's my birthday....again. I'm sure the last one was just a moment ago. There's a sign on just how many we've had. They're coming faster and faster. 
I walked around town handing out Hershey Kisses today (as a substitute for the real thing) because we're still sick-ish and they, at least, are non-infectious. I was feeling pretty perky too but that seems to have ended with me being overcome with a coughing thing and the loss of my voice 2 hours later....again. I'm back home. Again.
So much for going out for a Martini tonight. 
Never mind...I bought myself my own cheesecake (but not expecting Jams to sing) - seriously - that's pathetic. Ah well. 
We also have a Sci-Fi movie extravaganza planned. 'V' the series along with 'John Carter'....both 'cult' classics in the genre. Admitting to looking forward to that! Along with cheesecake. 
And no singing. 
Did you know that the song "Happy Birthday" is the most difficult key for anyone to actually sing in? No wonder it always sounds like people are being strangled.

Anyblowoutthecandlesway, ...here's the Art Doll creation we just finished:

Perfesser Jack R. Abbit
PHD Philosophy  Dr. of Botanical Herbology
We are now working on a really intense piece that is made from sculpted paperclay and a very intricately sewn outfit. I am also making a wig from scratch for it. 
Very much good times except am kinked in the neck and have sore fingertips from pulling needles. 
Ya gotta suffer for beauty. 
I'm actually enjoying this. 

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