Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tonight's Feature: Wildlife Tales at My Doorstep.............who's got the remote?

See this? That's 2 young fawns right outside my front door in the front yard, yesterday. What you can't see is the 'object of intense scrutiny' that this young one is gazing at, is Jams. She was sitting in the open front door and refused to go any further. So much for the 'brave-will-take-on-anything' personae she once had, alas, age has made her more and more cautious......there's some kind of philosophical blither inherent in that sentence but we will pretend we haven't a clue what it is.
The other thing you can't see is that the second fawn (lying down) has a broken leg.
Out here where the wild is right up against your door - literally - you often see that Nature is not benign. Good old Mother Nature can be pretty brutal at any given moment. (once I witnessed a Red-tailed Hawk just nail a robin right in front of me and proceed to rip it up...eesh...)
Anynaturerawintoothandclawway, as much as it would be a great story to rush out and 'save' this young Mule Deer, you can't. This young one is fated to become part of the cycle.....but what each of us cannot see is that it's death will further the life of another. I haven't seen them around today so it perhaps does mean this cycle has happened already.
We humans always want to 'fix' stuff.....especially in Nature. But our interference has caused so much imbalance and mayhem we are in turmoil today. We need to learn to 'let it be'.
Remember this when you are out partaking of the natural wonders our beautiful land still offers.....don't feed the bears (PLEASE!!), don't act foolishly in ways that attract predators and cause another death of an animal and by all that is good and ethical, respect this Earth. 
Your part of the cycle.'s what the whole of the front yard and surround is like:
Just down that break in the bush across the street lies the path that leads to the beach. Yep, I am very lucky to have such a setting to create in.....

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