Thursday, October 27, 2011

If I Had A Hammer

All of a sudden I'm transported back to the 'Easter Be-In' at Stanley Park in's that 'header' and look! I'm using, yet again, an old song as my title.
I'm sensing a trend. case any of you dear readers have found me through my web site or perhaps have tried to find my web site, I'd like you to know I'm busy beavering away on a whole brand spankin' new  site as we speak.....well, ok, not actually as I'm typing this right now but let's pretend we can bend time and space for a bit....yes and moving right along, we (that's the royal 'we) are constructing a new site that is just beyond all the bells and whistles cool. Ok, actually that would be my super master Gallery Guy Mark that's really doing it and I'm pretending I know what the paintbox he's talking about. Today I get to put into action all the tutorial zingers he's been flinging into this old brain and 'do it myself'.......if you hear faint screaming later this might be me as I writhe in tormented agony of figuring out how to click the right app.
Anywearenotthetechgenuisway, in a couple of days you will be directed to the new site via a linkup and the web addy will also direct you there. Everything a click away.
Stay tuned.......

The painting: "Picasso Under Construction" by Nancy Albrecht circa 1967. I was surprised to find my Google search 'under construction' actually show paintings with that as the title.....and this one was the fav. First because it's Picasso and second because it actually and truly is 'art under construction'. Way cool.

I'm just noticing I use 'actually' way too much.

Oh and it's and the old link of will still work too.

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