Friday, October 21, 2011

Life Imitates Art

When I get an idea for a post to write my usual first step is to find an image that will 'illustrate' the storyline or, at the least, have something to do with what I'm blithering on about. Today's topic is all about the myriad things I am doing all at the same time.....we do love multi-tasking but every once in a while it seems really a bit much.
Anyandawaywegoway, imagine the complete delight of your author when I found this painting titled; without exaggeration and I am serious as art show judge;
"The Antique Juggling Girl".
Can any title be more applicable to myself? (especially the 'antique' moniker)
I think not.
Indeedly, at this moment we are :
1. working on a new painting
2. intensely researching the subject ideas for above painting
3. printing off various ephemera for the aforementioned painting
4. putting together and stretching printed canvases for the Craft Fair
5. packaging cards for the selfsame Craft Fair
6. making a poster for the Christmas Gala
7. making new version of book " Behind The Canvas"
8. creating a new website
...and we DO go back and forth to the various projects during the day.
Never bored.
(I would like to know where the idea that louche* Artists just sit around contemplating their bellybutton came from. )
( *louche\LOOSH\ , adjective;

1.Of questionable taste or morality; disreputable or indecent; dubious; shady> see? Educational as well as entertaining, me!  )

As well, during all this, yesterday I had a lovely young woman come over and take away my amassed collection of Halloween paraphernalia collected over the years. Yay and amen to that as I no longer need to be burdened with this 'stuff', I mean the boys are now 35 and 33 for crying out loud - not that I'm out of Halloween, no no, we kept the REALLY cool costumes I have made over the years.
That's a post for the appropriate time.
And I'll post pics.
The Painting: You already know the title but it's by LORD Frederick Leighton te da!

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