Monday, October 10, 2011

Once Again With Feeling...!

Every so often I finish a painting and I am pretty pleased with it .......but then , ah, yes, but then after some time passes by and I have been looking at it for a few days or weeks or months ( a very typical artistic situation).....well, it just starts to seriously irritate me. "This isn't right or that could've been done better or the part over here really sucks"; you know, all that 'think think think' blabla thing my head and eyes do if I'm not actually 100% satisfied with the outcome.
Well, this was that painting. Here's what it was originally:

...and there you go. We changed the face...the face the face for crying out loud it's always the face!.....and we got rid of those Mickey Mouse style shoes. What in all that is on your feet possessed me to think those were a good choice. AnywhatelsecanIblitheronaboutway, I am decidedly way happier with the 'new and improved' version. That is the lovely thing about being the creator of get to change it if you wish. That works for your 'Life' too are entirely up to you. So if the 'face' is bugging you or the shoes don't fit right....make the change.
It's not as hard as it seems and, who knows, you are more than likely going to be way happier with the new version.
"Pentimento" is Italian for "to regret" or, in the Art world, it means:' An underlying image in a painting, part of a painting, or original draft that shows through. ' Even though in my painting the 'old' image doesn't actually show; I know it's there so the term works for me. The sentiment does for sure. And aren't we all 'pentimento' with our lives?

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