Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ch- Ch- Changes

La-HAY-dees and Gennulmez! Step right up and play SPIN THE PALETTE!

Today I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the 'process' of how a painting gets 'worked' out - so to speak. (Sit up straight, kiddies!) As you can see, being as it's right in front of you, this is the latest painting that is currently on the easel and I'm , per the usual arteesty way, waffling in color choices. Originally I started out with the subdued light blue-ish background and was ok with that but last night, after looking at the painting all day, (it's a I said), I thought it needed some 'punching up' and so switched into the reds and cadmium yellows to try that out.
Well, I'm not really getting the 'oh yeah!', reaction I want.
So today I'm switching up the color choice completely and going into greens........we shall see.
Anyhorseofadifferentcolorway, this is one of the great things about acrylic, in that you can just paint over what you want to change.....wouldn't it be great if it was as easy in Life. Not saying you can't change your own personal canvas but the 'process' does involve a few more tools than a #10 flat head brush.
I'd also like to point out for many of you who think artists just sit down and - hey presto! - have a painting just whip itself out, this is far from reality. (although I may add that occasionally, every once in a blue moon, this magic can happen)
We would wish for a speedier resolution to painting but perhaps this re-working and experimenting with elements adds to the 'wow' end product we all hope for. I am being forced (really! forced!) to draw a parallel into the 'changing canvas' of myself at this juncture; and am musing on the amount of 're-works' I have applied to selfsame and figure by the time I am ready to pass from this earthly coil, I may have gotten it right.....
Moving right along.....there is a decided bit of bravery too in being willing to go in and change up a painting. It does not always work (I promise to post all my 'mistakes' someday) and you are left with the horrid feeling that what originally started out as a really great idea, is now, sadly, really awful.
But you just start all over again and , who knows, that next one just might blow out the stops!
There you go.
Lessons from the palette.

p.s......Anyone else notice that I am really stateing my age by all the choices of songs as titles I use?
Ah boy......

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